About My Team: Art of Imagination


Every demonstrator with Stampin’ Up! wears many hats. One of the hats we wear is that of Team Leader. Leading a team of crafty members is a benefit we receive as a demonstrator. As your Team Leader, I strive to help and support you in your endeavors with being a demonstrator throughout your Stampin’ Up! career. I also help bring you new ideas, learn new techniques, foster fellowship and help you develop your own leadership qualities.

My team meets once a month (on the 15th of every month) and we are flexible with scheduling. Sometimes a Facebook Live┬ávideo chat is the best way to meet up during busy schedule days. I mail you the project of the month to be completed during the online meeting. It’s a great way to learn a new technique and try out a few new things. You also have access to the team FaceBook group that is for team members only. Being a team member is not location based in our modern age of communication. From coast to coast, we support one another and bring our dreams to life.

Let’s make it together on Team Art of Imagination!

-Jenny Hall
YOUR future team leader and source of support and inspiration